Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Fee Scams

Be wary of employers who ask you to pay for a DBS check. This could be a sign of an employment scam in which bad actors, posing as legitimate employers, require job seekers to pay them for a DBS check. Additionally, this can often include providing sensitive information like a copy of a passport, National Insurance Number, and even bank details. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when an employer asks you to pay for a DBS check:

  1. Know our values. Indeed values providing job seekers with job opportunities which are free from employee cost. Although they aren’t always, fees can be indicative of predatory employment practices. Not all employers who ask for payment are fake, but they are going against Indeed’s Job Posting Best Practices. 

  2. Check the price. A standard DBS check shouldn’t cost more than £26, an enhanced DBS shouldn’t cost more than £44, and a Basic Disclosure Scotland check shouldn’t cost more than £25. If the check is done by a third-party company, there will be an admin fee added to process the checks, but if you’re asked to pay more than £70 for a DBS or £50 for a basic Disclosure Scotland check with a third party, it may be a scam.

  3. Check the industry. Not all industries will require a DBS check. The ones that do are usually within the education, healthcare, and security sectors. If the job you apply to isn’t in one of these sectors, it could be a scam. 

  4. Check the government directory. If the employer is asking you to go through a third-party DBS check provider, verify that it’s genuine by seeing if the company is registered on https://dbs-ub-directory.homeoffice.gov.uk/. If the employer is running the DBS check themselves, you can contact the Disclosure and Barring Service directly to see if they are registered to run these checks. 

You can find more tips on how to avoid DBS check scams and other employment scams on SAFERjobs

If you have any concerns about a job you find on Indeed, or receive any job offer communication that concerns you, please contact Indeed immediately.

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