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Troubleshooting device issues with Indeed Interview

Device and browser issues

If you are having trouble connecting, first confirm that you are using a compatible device and browser. Please note that a desktop or laptop computer are recommended, but not required.


Supported devices and browsers:

On laptop or desktop computer*

  • Chrome* 
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari


On iPad/iPhone

  • Safari**


On Android device

  • Chrome
  • Firefox


Incompatible browser/devices:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome + iOS device 

*A desktop or laptop computer and Chrome browser are recommended.

**If you are using the Safari browser from an iPhone or IPad, the use of other apps during the interview may disable the microphone.


Camera and microphone permission issues

Permission to access your device’s camera and microphone is required for interviews. Please run the test again. When prompted, click Allow to enable audio and video. Please see your device below for details on allowing access.



If you’re using Google Chrome (recommended):

On Chrome, check to see if permissions are allowed. While in the video test screen, look on both sides of the address bar for menus where the camera/microphone should be allowed. Run your test.

If you’re using Safari:

On Safari, check to see if permissions are allowed by clicking the red camera on the address bar while on the video test screen. Check to make sure the camera and microphone are on 'Always Allowed'.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge:

In the address bar, click on the lock to see how your site permissions are set up. Ensure that your camera and microphone are on 'Allow'.

If you’re using Firefox:

While in the virtual interview, click on the lock/camera icon and ensure that permissions are allowed.


iPad + iPhone

On Safari for an iPhone or iPad, tap 'Allow' when asked to give access to the microphone and camera.

If you are unable to use the microphone and camera, tap 'aA' on the top left part of your screen, then tap 'Website Settings'.

In your website settings, tap 'Allow' for your camera or microphone.



On Chrome for an Android, tap 'Allow' when asked to give access to the microphone and camera.

You do not have to allow Chrome to record your audio for you to interview.


Video issues

In preparation for hiring event participation, you will be asked to test your video, audio and network connections. If you cannot see yourself in the video test window, first make sure you have granted access to your camera (see 'Camera and microphone permission issues'). 

If the problem persists, you'll need to run a network test with Twilio. Don’t be alarmed if you hear noises, your microphone and sound output are being tested. If any of the network tests fail, the issue could be related to your company’s network blocking access to our video platform. 

Next step: you will need to provide your IT department with these instructions to allow your organisation to connect with Indeed’s video interviewing technology. Then run a connection test again to confirm.


Audio issues

If the other person cannot hear you, restart your device and re-enter the interview. There is a known issue on the Apple iOS that causes the mic to stop working in Safari if another app is launched during the interview. If this occurs, try restarting your device.

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