How to apply to a job on Indeed

When you find a job that you're interested in, simply click on that job title to view a longer description and application instructions.

You may notice a new application experience while applying to Indeed Apply jobs! We’ve made this change to provide a more transparent and easier way to get hired. Please note that any third-party applications will still be completed on the Employer’s website. Here’s what’s new:

  • You'll see the entire application process laid out. These upfront details will help you determine if you have the time and/or documents needed to complete an application. 
  • You'll be able toggle quickly between the application and job description while filling out your application. This will aid in preparedness while applying. Job applications will have a new 'menu' that allows you to save your progress and continue later if need be.
  • You'll see application instructions from jobs. For example, if an employer asks for a cover letter in the job description, you'll see that during the application process. 
  • A new cover letter editor feature will allow you to use old cover letters or upload a brand new letter to send to employers. 
  • 'Next steps' confirmation screen: at the end of each application you'll see confirmation that your application has been submitted and we'll show you your next steps. This page will also include an option for you to easily sign up for SMS text updates with regard to the application and an option to be emailed about similar jobs when they're available.
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