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How to apply to a job on Indeed

We’re so happy you're choosing to use Indeed to assist in your job search! Please note that Indeed does not operate as a recruiting service, but rather functions as a job search engine. If you're looking for career advice or career-related resources, please check out our Career Guide.

To apply for jobs on Indeed, first navigate to our homepage. Here you'll find two text boxes labeled "What" and "Where." In the "What" box, you can enter your desired keywords related to the type of job you’re looking for, a company name, or an industry you’d like to work in. To find your desired job in a certain area, enter a city, province/territory, or postal code in the "Where" box. Once you have your search set up, click "Find jobs." 

There are two different types of jobs on Indeed: ones you can "Easily apply" to by clicking "Apply now," and ones that redirect you to the hiring company’s own website via the "Apply on company site" button. The latter will take you off of Indeed’s site; please note that these applications can be a bit more involved, so if you have any questions, you'll need to contact the company directly, as your resume will be submitted directly through their website.

When applying for jobs on Indeed, you have the option to use your own resume file. We understand you may have taken some time crafting your resume, so if you'd like to apply to jobs using your own original resume file, you may do so by clicking on "Apply with a different resume" whenever an apply window pops up. In cases where you're redirected to the employer’s site, you may upload it there.

If you aren’t ready to apply for a certain position, you have the option to save it first. From our homepage, you can save a job by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the job listing and selecting "Save job." On the mobile app, this will appear as a heart icon. Opening a job listing in a new tab or window will also show you a "Save this job" button. Please note that in order to save jobs, you'll need to be signed in; if you have an Indeed account, you'll be able to view your Saved jobs in the My jobs section. 

If you're concerned about a position you come across in your search, please familiarize yourself with our Guidelines for Safe Job Search.

Best of luck in your job search!

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