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Searching by Company Name and Job Title

As a job seeker, you might want to limit your search to jobs either at a particular company or with a specific job title. Please see the examples of search strings below to get a better understanding of how to perform more specific searches. Note: the examples link to their respective search results so that you can see them in action. 


Examples of search strings

You can type "company:" before entering the name of the company you want to see job listings for. For example, to view all jobs at Microsoft, enter company:Microsoft in the ‘what’ box. 

If you are searching by job title, you can use “title:” in the ‘what’ box as well. If you’d like to view a list of all job postings for consultant positions, you’d enter title:consultant

If the company name or job title includes multiple words, use quotation marks. For example, title:"business development" or company:"Coca Cola"


Searching for complex phrases

You can also fine-tune your search by using parentheses and complex phrases with the words and, or, and not. For example, to view all jobs that contain the term healthcare and either the word manager or director, type the following in the ‘what’ box: (manager OR director) and healthcare

To improve your results further, you may want to specify specific types of jobs you don’t want to see. You can continue to revise the search as follows: (manager OR director) and (healthcare OR pharmaceutical) NOT sales

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